Pet Health

A client once said to me, “No one loves me like my dog.” Pets love unconditionally and without fail. They are members of our families and part of our daily lives. Our pets deserve the very best health care. I pledge to offer just that. Providing the best care means performing thorough physical examinations, conducting necessary diagnostics and annual lab work, discussing treatment options and customizing appropriate vaccinations. Through high quality care, I strive to give your pet a long and healthy life.

– Mia K. Frezzo, DVM


More Information on Pet Health


Many cat owners do not bring their cats to the veterinarian regularly. There are several reasons for such avoidance. First, a trip to the veterinarian is an ordeal for cats and their owners. Every step may present difficulty from catching the cat to put her in the carrier, enduring the car ride, waiting to be seen and the actual physical examination itself.

Even indoor cats need routine examinations, vaccines and blood work and dental cleanings to protect them from contagious diseases, other serious diseases and enhance their quality of life. Most cats do not openly show signs of disease until the disease can no longer be hidden. For this reason, annual to biannual examinations and diagnostic testing help detect problems early when the chance of correction or successful management is greatest.

Feline Preventative Care

Distemper (FVRCP +C)