Your pet’s food is their foundation of health. Choosing a pet food can be overwhelming. Here are a few guidelines. First, the food should be easily obtainable from a pet store or online pet website. The ingredients should begin with a protein source, and you should be able to recognize the ingredients listed. A high quality food will list food items followed by added vitamins and minerals.  In addition to a high quality diet, I recommend two supplements: a probiotic to support the immune system and optimal gastrointestinal function and a fish oil for a healthy coat, joints and heart.

Here is a list of recommended food brands for your dog .

Dog Foods

While cats do very well on canned food, I prefer dry food, often with warm water added. Dry food promotes dental health and is generally easier to feed.  Among the multitude of available brands, a few are no-no’s. Avoid Fancy Feast, Nine Lives, Whiskas, Friskies and Meow Mix. These low quality diets may be the most well-known, yet are also of poor quality and contribute to urinary problems especially in male cats. In general, distinct meal feeding allows clients to control their cat’s food intake and maintain a healthy weight. Obesity in cats leads to diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease and liver disease.

Here is a list of recommended food brands for your cat.

Cat Foods

Daily use of essential oils such as Frankincense and Protective Blend further supports health and wellness.   Call us at (201) 288-7800 for additional information and to arrange an appointment for your pet.