Our extensive on-site pharmacy allows your pet to begin medication, supplements, prescription diets or other therapeutics promptly. For added convenience, your pet’s medication, flea, tick and heartworm preventatives and prescription diets may be delivered to your home with automatic refills, if needed. Several medications may be compounded into tasty flavored liquids, transdermal applications, or chewable treats to ease administration.

A word about online pharmacies

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are frequently sending out public warnings regarding the legitimacy and safety of drugs being sold over the internet. We do not want you to receive substandard or even toxic medications for your pet from some of these less-than-honest dealers. Dr. Frezzo has partnered with VetsFirstChoice.com since 2006 to ensure that you are getting the same standard of product and medication we would demand for our in-hospital pharmacy. VetsFirstChoice.com obtains their products directly from the same reputable medical suppliers and not from third-party individuals. Vets First Choice allows us to provide you with all of the benefits of an online pharmacy, such as home delivery, competitive pricing, special promotional discounts, and automatic refills without any doubt as to your pet’s safety.