Q1. Is spaying/neutering painful? Is it dangerous?

A1. During spaying/neutering, dogs and cats are fully anesthetized, so they feel no pain. After surgery they may experience some discomfort, but this disappears in a few days or hours. As with any surgery complications are possible, but rare.

Q2. Is spaying/neutering expensive?

A2. Spaying/Neutering surgery generally costs less than most other major surgeries. It is generally cheaper to spay an animal than to pay for the cost of caring for an entire litter of puppies or kittens.

Q3. Shouldn’t a female dog or cat have a one litter, or at least one heat, before spaying?

A3. On the contrary, a dog or cat has the best chance of good health if spaying before her first heat. Early spaying also reduces the chance that the animal will “accidentally” escape and become pregnant.

Q4. Can a pregnant animal be safely spayed?

A4. Many animals are spayed while pregnant to prevent the birth of puppies or kittens. However, a veterinarian should be consulted about the health and stage of pregnancy before making such decision.

Q5. Don’t spayed/neutered animals become overweight and less affectionate?

A5. If your pet is given the proper amount of food and adequate exercise, they are unlikely to become overweight. In addition, because they are freed from the urge to mate, dogs and cats tend to be calmer, more content, and more affectionate, however not all.

Q6. Why should a male dog or cat be neutered – they don’t give birth to puppies or kittens?

A6. Besides the health benefits received from neutering, a male dog or cat can impregnate many females in a short period of time, and often without the owner’s knowledge. This greatly contributes to pet over-population.

Q7. At what age should my dog or cat be spayed/neutered?

A7. Because of the health and reproductive benefits of early spay/neutering, most dogs and cats should have the surgery by 6 months. Most female dogs and cats will begin their heat cycles at 6 months of age. A growing number of veterinarians are sterilizing pets between 3-5 months, so please check with your veterinarian first. Remember, even older dogs and cats will receive huge benefits from being spayed or neutered.