Now Available at Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights

Safe Return Smart Tags

Over 10 Million Family Pets Are Lost Or Stolen Every Year… Safe Return Smart Tags Provide Lifetime Protection!

Outstanding features & Benefits

  • Works worldwide whenever internet service is available
  • No batteries to replace or electronics to fail
  • Instant notification by text and email when your pet is found
  • Pet owner contact information can be easily updated online

Tags $10 each, available at our office.

cat and dog wearing Safe Return Smart Tags
Microchips vs. Lost Pet Tags.   Your pet needs both.   
Microchips are beneficial because they are permanently placed beneath the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades and cannot be “lost”.  Yet, in order to identify the microchip number and connect to a worldwide database, the lost pet must be scanned with a scanner found at veterinary hospitals, shelters and some police stations.  Then, the microchip number is entered into this website database which provides the pet’s information and owner’s information to facilitate reuniting the pet with his or her family. 
The Lost Pet Tags, on the other hand, display a link which may be easily accessed from a cell phone and the pet’s ID number.  Thus, a lost pet may be quickly reunited with his or her family directly from the place where he was found. One disadvantage of any tag is that it may be lost, removed or damaged.
Protect your pet with both methods of identification to ensure he or she is reunited with you in the event he or she accidentally escapes your yard or home.