doTerra Essential Oils For Pets

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Dr. Frezzo believes that adding a holistic approach to veterinary care enhances the health of our patients. We use and recommend doTERRA pure medical-grade essential oils to care for and treat your beloved pets. No other essential oil compares to doTERRA in quality, purity, consistency, and potency. Both people and pets can benefit from the power of pure essential oils proven effective for hundreds of ailments. Each essential oil contains specific benefits to which the body and mind respond.




doTERRA essential oils are antiseptic and immune system stimulants. They fight viruses, bacteria, fungal organisms, tumors, and more. Essential oils are non-water based phytochemicals made up of volatile aromatic compounds. Although they are fat-soluble, pure essential oils do not include fatty lipids or fatty acids, so they are immediately absorbed by the skin. Essential oils are a vital tool in the healing of physical and emotional conditions for both pets and their owners. Make essential oils a part of your pet’s personal health routine.

Essential oils offer total mind, body, spirit and emotional wellness. With each bottle, you are holding the pure essence of Mother Nature’s healing at a cellular level.

Me and my dog Bocce. He is vibrant as ever at 10 years old, thanks to doTERRA essential oils.

When selected carefully and used properly, medical-grade essential oils can facilitate the release of old habits, empower change, and restore physical and emotional balance. Essential oils offer complementary therapy to traditional medicine. They do not have any side effects and usually do not interact with other medications your pet may be taking. I recommend only the use of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are tested for purity and potency.

Consult Dr. Frezzo when adding anything new to your pet’s health care regimen.

Dr. Frezzo believes in essential oils. She co-authored the book SpOil Your Pet and is co-founder of the SpOil Your Pet Membership Group.




Guidelines for Using doTerra Essential Oils On Pets

Always use 100% pure therapeutic or medical grade essential oils. Dilute essential oils in organic oils or lotions. Do not dilute essential oils in chemically laden lotions, soaps or shampoos. I recommend using fractionated coconut oil for diluting essential oils (FCO). FCO is an odorless, thin oil that is absorbed into the skin readily.

FCO allows the distribution of essential oil over a greater portion of the body. Diluting essential oils slows down the absorption of the oil thereby achieving a longer-lasting effect, reducing evaporation and decreasing possible sensitivity. For example, when using essential oils for sore muscles and joints. Remember essential oils are very concentrated. It is best to apply small amounts more frequently than a lot of oil all at once.

Care must be taken with pets who have seizures, bleeding disorders, difficulty clotting, or who are taking anticoagulant therapy. Use essential oils carefully for pets and people who may be pregnant. If your pet is taking medication or has a known health issue and you wish to add essential oils to their health regimen, we suggest including your veterinarian in this decision.



basset_hound_earsNEVER put essential oils directly in the eyes or ears of your dog or cat. In the event that an essential oil enters the eyes, immediately apply fractionated coconut oil or organic olive oil directly to the eyes. Do NOT rinse or flush the eyes with water as this will not remove the essential oil and will only intensify the uncomfortable and unpleasant sensation. When applying essential oils to your dog’s ears, be cautious with dogs who have very long ears, such as Hounds or Spaniels in which the ears may transfer essential oils to the eyes.

For more information on essential oils get Dr. Frezzo’s book SpOIL Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats