Easter Pet Safety

Easter Pet Safety


Chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine, which is poisonous to dogs and cats. The purer the chocolate, the more theobromine it tends to have. Make sure to keep all chocolate, including cocoa powder and hot chocolate, out of reach of your pet this Easter.

Flowers and Plants

There are many flowers and plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs, and many of them are common houseplants. Lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, bluebells and many, many more common plants can be harmful to our pets, especially if the bulb is ingested.

Easter Grass

Colorful grasses are often used to line Easter baskets for Easter egg hunts or decoration. These usually contain plastic materials, which can be harmful to pets if swallowed.

Spring Bulbs

All spring bulbs and often what grows out of them are poisonous to pets. Dogs are most likely to be affected as they can be curious when in the garden and root them up, especially when freshly planted in autumn or coming into flower in spring.

Human Sweets

Don’t feed your pet any human sweets or sweet treats, especially those that say they are sugar free as they may contain xylitol, which is a synthetic sweetener which is toxic to cats and dogs.

Plastic Eggs

If ingested, plastic egg pieces can cause choking, GI irritation, or intestinal blockage.

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