Introduction to Our Pet Care and Essential Oils Blog

Introduction to Our Pet Care and Essential Oils Blog


This blog is intended to educate pet owners on the various uses of pure essential oils in pets to enhance their lives and ours.  Essential oils may be used to support optimal helath in your pet. As a holistic veterinarian, I will recommend essential oils, vitamins, probiotics, and supplements where they can be best utilized to enahnce your’s pet’s vitality and overall health.

Some of the discussions may be applicable to people as well as pets.  For if it is good for the family, it will often be good for the pet. Our pets are very much in tune with our emotions, and they are affected by how we feel ( energetic, stressed, overwhelmed, angry).   Especially at this hectic time of the year, improving our mood may be of great benefit to our pets.  Another example is reducing use of chemicals in the home which benefits all.  Stay tuned for more.



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